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tv   Headline News  RT  February 18, 2013 12:00pm-12:28pm EST

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tonight an american woman accused of killing a russian child in her care admitted ongoing spat between moscow and washington over russia's recent adoption ban against the u.s. . headlines from us fury in britain after a renowned military college remains of all for being a fall and soldiers' tribute honoring the king of bahrain was donated millions of pounds to. the world's top whistleblower breathes a sigh of relief after a rough feel carrillo gave him shelter the ecuadorian embassy secures another presidential. live from r t h q here in moscow just after nine pm now it's kevin owen here it's
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very good to have you company our top story russia's child rights envoys accusing an american woman of killing her adopted russian son it's thought to be the twentieth case of a russian child's death from abuse in american families in the past decade live to artie's miniport new york i mean this is stories only really come to the news agencies after a tweet that came out from the child jobs earlier on today what do we know about what happened here to three year old maxine. all we know so far according to russian officials three year old maxime koosman died on january twenty first in texas at the hands of his adopted mother now the probe conducted by russia's investigative committee revealed that maksim was beaten by his adoptive mother who had allegedly also fed him strong psychotropic medication investigators say the boy died before medics even arrived at the scene they also say that the medics were
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called by his adoptive mother now according to reports the autopsies show that maxine the little boy suffered multiple injuries to his head his abdomen and internal organs prior to his death moscow says the u.s. state department did not comment on the boy's death which reportedly happened as i mentioned nearly one month ago the incident however did become known to the russian embassy in the u.s. russian officials are now saying the u.s. state department failed to provide help to the russian diplomats that began investigating maxime couzens death and called the incident quote to get another inhumane abuse of a russian child adopted by an american family and. brought in the new law will prevent americans from adopting russian children. that's right russian officials underscore that this case the case of maxime would be the twentieth russian child to have died at the hands of of his or her american
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adoptive parents since one thousand nine hundred ninety six this lawyer for him to kevin. was adopted in recent weeks is banned american parents from adopting russian children it was named after. who died in july two thousand and eight after spending nine hours in a car with outside temperatures ranging around thirty two degrees celcius now mile hat miles howard who was a father could have faced up to ten years in jail for manslaughter but he was freed of charges in december now the law that russia recently adopted has caused much controversy both in russia and abroad many critics see this move as depriving many orphans in russia with the trance of a better life with american families but russian officials insist that the u.s.
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adoptive system is far from being perfect and moscow believes that they want to monitor the fate of russian orphans adopted by americans clearly this is a case of this one of maxine that is ongoing and so is the issue of russian children being adopted by american parents but this incident revolving the death involving the death of a three year old child maxine with the hands of his adoptive mother of course underscores the concern that russian officials have been vocalizing for many many months and actually many years. britain's top military academy is accused of betraying the memory of first world war heroes one of the halls that sound that all of those killed in the first major battles of the war will now be named after the king of all ridged bahrain instead artie's polyploid is in london has more. hall was originally named in honor of the
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bottle of mormons which was one of the first major battles of the first world war it's for the brits fighting the germans thousands of british soldiers lost their lives that but as critics say it looks like the memory of their heroism has been sold for some three million pounds to the king of bahrain who's made a donation to santa for that amount of course bahrain is a government that we as been accused of waging a violent crackdown against anti-government protesters over the past two years since an anti government top prize in began but nevertheless the british government has very strong links to the bahraini regime just to give you an example of a few of those we've got quite a few bahraini security officers who train. just like the king himself did actually we've also had the top former top boss from scotland yard he's now actually
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overseeing the bahrain police he's employed by the morning tea over there and of course last but not least we've got the sale of u.k. weapons over to bahrain there were restrictions on that last year but they've been very quietly lifted it looks like for the british government the age old adage that money doesn't smell is very relevant in this situation we've had spokesmen for the ministry of defense they've defended the move saying that all donations to sun are in compliance with the u.k.'s domestic and international legal obligations and that values as a nation probably has to come from pretty quick pledge millions to red. stopping him from funding somebody with a stroke or using some of that money. well that's the question that quite a few people here are asking kevin but it's not just the british side that's been getting stake in this situation the bahraini government has been accused of effectively buying silence in order to avert western governments criticism in this
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situation and the more whole deal as i'm calling it it's not the first of its kind we've just arrived at the united arab emirates reportedly donated some fifty two million pounds to sandhurst despite the fact that their government has been accused of human rights abuses as well well we got more reaction on our web site to the suffering of war heroes to promote forum on a call if you get a minute to find out what british m.p.'s think about that you have your say as well in the comments section it's already getting pretty fired up about it as expected. we will britain's under fire for selling weapons to regimes rupie today accused of human rights violations most recently it's been revealed to you case sold millions of pounds worth of small arms weaponry and ammunition to sri lanka despite its direct quote in treating with tamil minority there of the suppression of separatist sons walker pay the jim brown told us britain's arms sales strategies long been guarded by anything except respect for human rights. because there's the
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geostrategic questions because sri lanka occupies a very strategic position. in the indian ocean you have the united states what they call the pivot toward asia which britain is dutifully going along with and good relations with the sri lanka would be very valuable in that context also because this whole idea that britain by and by human rights criteria in arms exports simply doesn't make sense and generally should be discounted the arms trade is a very hard. profitable geo politically important business and that the business which britain is in gauged in arms sales in general and in. particular . victory it's not the world's most famous whistle blower can rest easier after the president's security is job for another term according to exit polls judy the sun
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to some of the country's diplomatic shield in london a decision made by rafael corera more insight on this than for months he's innocent now rafael correia is preparing to win and has already declared victory in this first round according to some analysts he was marked to win a third term with this platform seen in ecuador and across latin america as standing up to the u.s. and france but the opposition is more or less seen as pro-u.s. here's adrian south of the founder of the second republic project public opinion throughout latin america is growing very weary with us students are very short and u.k. intervention throughout the continent which explains why countries like because we were believe you can argentina brazil. governments are keeping very much. and latin america this very strong popular movement trying to move away from the united states has benefitted from this sentiment by pledging to continue down this
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road now gray a pretty much securing a third term as ecuador's president will be a headache for washington but is very good news for whistleblower julian assange and he was of course granted political asylum by ecuador the only country to really stand up for him a small country which doesn't have much leverage managed to do to so far make it impossible for a song to be extradited to sweden for questioning over sex assault charges even with pressure from the u.s. and the u.k. correia has said this that there can't be a problem due to asylum it's neo colonialism a silence has been holed up at the ecuadorian embassy in london fearing he will be arrested if he steps outside and so far hasn't been granted safe passage while under house arrest this launch premier at an interview show right here on r.t. and one of the guests was nonetheless take a listen to some encouraging words from the ecuadorian president to assad's who
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move to go to salute it is really a pleasure to meet you julian least in this way and. to the globe of the persecuted . and that seems to have been the beginning of a beautiful friendship between us songs and ecuador. this now and still to come on the program twitter trouble in france says the country demands users identities are now revealed the most being seen as a threat to free speech a step towards cross border censorship got me interested in it plus two russian scientists find the first fragments that meteor crushed the urals last friday causing havoc leaving hundreds injured for the new rock rush just a couple of it. is
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easy. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so silly you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harvey welcome to the big picture.
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thanks again russian scientists claim they found the first fragments from the rare cause making counter which sold the meteor crash in central russia on friday
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causing shocking devastation it spread dead briefer miles around injuring more than twelve hundred people can often the rules for. scientists of confirms that are the tiny pieces that be found at a lake she by the pool which is around one hundred kilometers or sixty miles away from chile audience or parts of that exact meteor which sparked apocalyptic fears in several russian regions on friday they say that the pieces are just around one centimeter in size or less that's like a baby would just shows how massive the blast was since it's estimated that the media weight from ten to fourteen tons nasa estimates that the blast was equal to around thirty bombs dropped on hiroshima and the meteorite exploded while it was still high in the skies above chile i've been scanned no radiation was involved nevertheless it still damaged buildings and shattered windows the consequences of that can still be seen all across the city like on that sports arena behind me over twelve hundred people were injured including over two hundred children mostly from
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these pieces of glass flying around. well it's already started a genuine meteorite rushing the urals in russia groups people are now combing through the snow in ice and searching chunks that could be worth thousands of dollars but ground you can see where the doing it far outstripping the price of gold you'll find more beach right perspective as they call them go home also the radioactive reality disturbing new c a japanese research is painting a bleak picture of how the fukushima nuclear disaster is affecting the health of almost half the children living in that area.
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so often the case is that what's acceptable in one country isn't ok in others and indeed that's getting twitter in trouble right now from says all of the microblogging site to reveal the personal data review says who posted what were deemed to be hate messages or pay a hefty fine but which is an american firm operating under u.s. laws. examines the implications of a move which could open up the censorship floodgates. two democracies stumbling over the concept of freedom the french court has called on twitter to help censor hate speech on the website in france because it violates its laws but tweeter is an american company and the american constitution sets no limits to freedom of expression given that the french worked as we wired to do that the question is how can the french enforce this judge those decision when the union of jewish students of france took the issue to paris court and told her they wanted
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to stop away with and to semitic messages posted under the hashtag. a good jew it was the third most popular tagged subject of the time the number of insulting jokes reached thousands but these people all of whom had at least once been attacked for being a jew also wanted to punish those responsible. we don't want to prosecute or treat these people but just to draw the attention of the royalties to such cases we let them decide whether or not it's a case of racism. or when a special tweeter agreed to remove offensive content but the authors were anonymous and punished so french jews brought the popular micro-blogging site to trial the court decision in january asked the company to divulge the names of people behind the tweets the fight against racism has nothing to do with the violation of freedom of expression it is an american concept and it cannot be applied in france in the way it is understood in the us we just wanted this part of our live to obey this
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country's legislation which prohibits public racism but not everyone agrees if freedom is limited they say it's no longer freedom jeremy of jewish origins himself is one of them he says greater liberty shouldn't bring more restrictions but a different approach to controlling the internet you have twitter a private company that may be acting as a job. deciding what is legal and what is not and removing content which is censorship so i agree that this content should be combated but i don't agree that the private companies such as twitter should implement private or censorship of free speech online this is a major risk today this story has sparked broda discussion of the violations of freedom and privacy in france the right at least one hundred ninety pan-european laws allowing authorities access to internet users personal information caption web storage is surveillance. strong like china tomorrow although we are
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concerned that france the us britain and some other democratic leaders are helping to produce an internet surveillance technology for china syria or libya or egypt. will if they allow the governments of these countries to use it against their people out there is there any guarantee that france will not use it against its own people one day. but this twitter dispute has gone far beyond the borders of the u.s. and france and any grieving to reached will affect all subsequent cases skeptics warn that france may be happy to let personal freedom slide the birthday party at liberty equality for eternity france's most famous motto and three peers the country has been resting on since the french revolution and today they face new challenges with racism been one of them and it has many fear and whether both intolerance itself and the fight against it may see those hard fought principles swept aside. from paris. quick look at some other world news
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headlines now in pakistan militants disguised as policeman of a time feel his top politicians push hours left five dead that's the day after protests across pakistan the mark of more security for the shia minority after another deadly bombing that left more than eighty people dead demonstrators way flags chanted and held up signs calling for attacks against shia muslims to stop. police in turkey have clashed with probes demonstrators in front of a prison complex there on the outskirts of istanbul activists gathered to protest a long lasting trial for almost three hundred people accused of plotting a political coup allegedly linked to a terrorist network but critics see it as a tit for tat move against the turkish army for openly showing its discontent with prime minister and the words islamic leaving office. the pope has blessed tens of thousands of people in some peter's square and one of his last appearances as head of the catholic church the eighty five year old is the first pontiff to resign in
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six hundred years later today people of her looks at his legacy and the divisions that continue to threaten the church. by the jury how it was that the hierarchy that covered up the sex scandal for years i get back to the problem too isn't it. and it certainly is as they have the power your hands are hurting ok i asked nancy jump in this is cross talk go ahead the council of bishops says been very firm and the hierarchy about these catholic nuns for taking. exactly the positions you're saying they should be taking and that i agree that they should be taking but it matters you seem to say that the road is a real don't you know that some people would say some people say that the only thing there that creates a catholic church is the fact that we have a pope that we have these bishops and cardinals who get get behind closed doors and with a little puff of smoke they tell us really why duty is to be. a true face
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bearing catholic. it will. be to cohere later tonight the competition trade the u.s. and china to be the world's foreign trade supreme most talented recent years with the two titans now neck and neck the latest figures indeed show washington faces a would be trading rival for the first time since the second world war going to occur and takes a look at how america's early education system might affect its leading status. the u.s. is still home to amazing king of asians into knowledge but will it be able to maintain its experts are looking to schools for the answer to that question internationally fifteen year olds in the u.s. are ranked twenty fifth among peers from thirty four countries in math while china
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tops the chart harvard published a study titled globally challenge our u.s. students ready to compete it looks at how the results in math at school can affect nation's economic development they estimated that the results students in the u.s. showed today can cost the country seventy five trillion dollars over the next eighty years seventy five trillion dollars i spoke with professor eric from stanford university one of the authors of this study a leader in economic analysis of educational issues here's what he said this is a tremendous impact you can measure it. terms of g.d.p. and it would in present value terms be over five times the current g.d.p. of the united states your free could improve our schools over the next two directors i asked professor henitiuk what's the main reason behind the poor results in math and u.s.
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schools is it that the world's wealthiest nation doesn't spend enough on education he says money is not the reason this looks like it's largely an issue of the quality of the teachers in the classroom now there are so many issues about the curriculum and what's taught in the textbooks and so forth but what we've found is that the biggest influence on student achievement in our schools is the teacher in the classroom china now doubles down on science and technology at schools all the technological advancement there varies from region to region but the trend is there and it's strong judging by the initiatives put forward by president obama in his state of the union speech washington recognizes the urgency. we'll reward schools that develop new partnerships with colleges and employers and create classes that focus on science technology engineering and math the skills today's employers are looking for to fill the jobs that are there right now and will be there in the future for decades the u.s.
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has been a magnet for scientific genius from all over the world immigrants helped start prominent american tech companies like google yahoo intel lent instagram to the u.s. can still count on a steady inflow of talents from around the globe no doubt about that but experts say it does not alleviate the urgency of growing talents at home considering how much poor math results can cost the country in the future in washington i'm going to check out. they are all school because they took part to it since school the latest weekend small fee of stay with us for that. wealthy british style holds a spot on the right side of the. markets
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finance scandal find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines joining to cause a report on r.t.e. . remains to be told language. programs and documentaries in arabic it's all here on all t.v. reporting from the world talks about six of the ip interviews intriguing stories for you to. see in troy arabic to find out more visit arabic don't all teach dogs called.
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hello welcome to the all too sports show with me take partridge and here's a taste of what's to come. sunny side up after a sizzling week for russian football clubs in europe we look at the power of the spanish sun in producing this midwinter success. last title contenders after an eventful regular season reached its banal way we look ahead to the k h l playoffs and to the favorites to lift the guarin cup. and a sweet touch top figure skaters help make really good starchy chocolates as preparations gather pace for russia's first ever winter olympics.


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